Mr. Clifford Eborgu: Cultivating Success in Plantain & Banana Farming

Mr. Clifford Eborgu is a dedicated and passionate plantain farmer who has made a significant impact in the agricultural industry. With years of experience under his belt, he has become a prominent figure in the field, inspiring many aspiring farmers to follow in his footsteps.

Born and raised in a Ibadan, Oyo State, Mr. Clifford developed a deep connection with nature and a love for farming from an early age. He witnessed the hard work and commitment required to cultivate crops and the rewards that came with it. This instilled in him a drive to pursue a career in agriculture and make a difference in his community at large.

Starting his journey with a small plot of land, Mr. Clifford Eborgu embarked on the challenging path of plantain & Banana farming. With determination and perseverance, he gained extensive knowledge about the cultivation and nurturing of plantain and banana suckers. He understood that it takes patience and meticulous care to produce healthy and high-yielding plantain and banana. 

Mr. Clifford's dedication paid off as his farm flourished, producing an abundance of top-quality plantains & Banana. His commitment to organic and sustainable farming practices has garnered recognition and admiration from his peers, as well as consumers who appreciate the superior taste and nutritional value of his produce.

Beyond his farming accomplishments, Mr. Clifford Eborgu is also actively involved in community outreach programs. He passionately educates fellow farmers on sustainable farming techniques and the benefits of plantain and Banana farming. He believes in empowering others and creating a strong network of farmers who can support each other in their endeavors.

Today, Mr. Clifford Eborgu is a respected and influential figure in the agricultural community. His determination, expertise, and unwavering commitment to plantain farming have established him as a role model for aspiring farmers. His success story serves as an inspiration for many, reminding them that with hard work and dedication, they too can cultivate a prosperous and fulfilling career in plantain farming.

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  1. Our Plantain Sucker: N120 /Per. / N100 for Above 5000 Pieces 
  2. Delivery N100 Per.

Gross Total/ N220 Per Sucker.

For 2Acres of land will be planting 1800 Pieces.

N220 x1800 Pieces = N396,000.00k



In one acre you plant 950 pieces total, due to mortality rate, you harvest 900 bunches which is Approximately 75 dozen.

Market Buyer buys at the rate of N8,000 Per dozen which is 12 bunches .... Total dozen you will be producing will be 75 dozen which is 900 ÷ 12 = 75 dozen multiply by N8,000 = N600,000.00k Per Acre.

Term & Conditions Apply.

  1. No Uniform Harvest
  2. No Uniform Growth
  3. Mortality Rate could be lesser or higher than projection.
  4. Above Price Quoted for Buyer might be higher or lesser depends on selling Location


  1. Above Buyers Price Seams Now Higher this 2024.
  2. Continuous Return of Investment Annually without Another Capital inputting for second management.
  3. It’s a very lucrative business, but not for faint hearted.


  1. You Can’t Make RIO immediately at First Year of Labor.
  2. You Get Poor Result If Poorly Managed Especially at First 60days of Planting.


FYI: You Can Get more Gains & Richer Only when you persist and continue cost plantain is most a lucrative business.

OUR DELIVERY POLICY : Please note that we don’t go or move beyond a motorable road leading to your farm, if unfortunate your farm road isn’t good, either by sloppy, hills, Mountain, Unclear bushes or very bad roads, this situation will make us to offload your order at a place where our motor can reach ,please also note that your farm representative must be on site to receives the delivery and count it at the present of the driver who brought the goods otherwise not counting will assume and admits that your order is or was complete at delivery point of receiving it .

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